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Not all electricians are created equal, and if you are putting your business in the hands of an electrical contractor you need to make sure that he/she is going to be able to respond to you in a fast and efficient way and answer to your very specific needs and requirements. We understand how important is your business in Sugar Land, Texas. You work hard to pay for the property, taxes, and comply with all city regulations yet when it comes to electrical services we understand that you need to be able to thrust in your electrician.

Power Quality Service is a different type of electrical contractor service. Our Houston Master Electrician Juan Lara is an expert in his field. He can help you solve all kinds of electrical repairs and consultations. He specializes in power quality service, making sure that you spend as little as possible on your electric bill while increasing your business efficiency. Other electrical contractors might be just interested in finishing the job no matter what, we focus on delivering quality and we will ensure that your electrical need is satisfied before we go.

We offer minimal down time for your Sugar Land business, and we are certain that you will be satisfied with your results. Give us a try today and see why we are the leading Electrical Contractor in Sugar Land, TX and around Houston.

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Commercial Electrical Contractor, TSCL# 18493, TECL# 26699,
Master Electrician, Certified.

2429 Bissonnet, Ste. 427
Houston, Texas 77005 US
Quality Electrical Services By Juan G Lara
Houston Commercial Electrical Contractor, TSCL# 18493, TECL# 26699.
Power Quality Service, Houston, Texas