In order to help you save the environment and your business, Power Quality Services provides advanced commercial electrical monitoring and analysis to help you Graph of Power Qualitydetermine what is your current power consumption level and help you manage your electrical resources better.

Why do Houston Business Need Electrical Monitoring?

Sometimes small short-circuit might develop over time, copper wire might be wearing down, or there might be a latent problem inside an electrical generator. All those problems are small at first but it left unattended might develop into major electrical problems that might harm your business in the long run. Commercial electrical monitoring helps you identify potential energy problems and fix them quickly before they become a major concern.

Energy monitoring for Houston Business

With energy monitoring, we provide a large amount of data, such as kWh usage, kVA, kVAR, power factor, voltage, current and voltage/current harmonic distortion. Energy monitoring data also can reveal whether power factor correction equipment is needed.

PQS also provides Harmonic voltage Analysis

Our harmonic voltage and current measurements can reveal potential problems, such as overheated equipment, nuisance breaker operations and electronic component troubles.

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