Emergencies happen, we understand that your commercial service needs to be able to withstand any power shortage regardless of the circumstances. Restaurants with large

Electrical Generator installation-Emergency

freezers, hospitals with advanced electronic systems, security agencies, officie buildings, and even hosting companies, they all require an quality emergency backup service.

Here at Power Quality Service we provide electric generator emergency back up to help your business stay as strong as always regardless of the magnitude of the Houston power shortage. Electrical malfunctions happen more ofthen than you think in the Greater Houston area, all it takes is some rain and few human-errors to black out a whole block. Do not rely on low quality emergency back ups, with a true master electrician to help you do your business assesment.



We can help you all the way:

  1. Decide what type of Generator your business needs: Standby or portable? Considering your budget, convenience, and power needs, choose which type of generator you want.
  2. Take care of commercial power issues. Locate your existing electrical service panel and gas line to target any potential problems before buying a generator. Portable generators should be used with a transfer switch.
  3. Perform product comparisons. Compare power outputs, run times, and prices, as well as what’s included in those prices, such as accessories, warranties, support and installation.
  4. Consider included items with your commercial electric generator. Does the generator come with warranty or maintenance package? What about a power cord, oil, wheels, and funnel?
  5. Consider additional costs. How much more will it cost for installation by a qualified professional? Will you need an accessory like a cover for protection from the elements or a transfer switch?

Call us today and see why we are the number one source of Houston Electrical Contractors.

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